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Our philosophy

Floorball manufacturer Blast has a clear mission – We want to produce floorball products with supreme quality and superior playability without any compromises!

To accomplish this mission, the Blast organization is segmented to meet the needs of distinct groups of floorball-oriented consumers. All Blast brand communication is based on the Blast motto “Dare to demand more” which also strengthens the bond between the brand and the consumers.


The Blast brand was established in summer of 2003 and the first floorball sticks were sold before Christmas 2003. Today the Blast brand is sold in 24 countries and it is is arguably one of the most attractive floorball brands in the world.
Blast was the first floorball brand to launch semi-oval grip system and double-grip system to face the consumers demand better. Blast is also the first floorball brand to launch a collection specially designed for women of all skill levels. The Ice Series for women introduces thinner and more flexible shafts together with soft blades that provide better ball control without losing superior energy transfer from blade to the ball.

The clean “Finnish” design combined with light shafts and highly functional blades make the Blast brand truly unique.

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